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What is a good place to find stock and currency charts?

Great question! You want candlestick charts so you can see whether the price has gone up or down in the time frame of the options you are trading such as 10 minute candlesticks. The best free charts we have found are Free Stock Charts.


Are bitcoin binary option trades and payouts transactions on the blockchain?

When you deposit and withdraw to and from a bitcoin binary option broker those transaction are on the blockchain. Everything in between, like your trades and payouts, is just being recorded by the operator not on the blockchain.

As such your balance is not 100% in your control until you withdraw it back to your own wallet on the blockchain.


How can I trade on the value of bitcoin? ie short or long bitcoin

At FortuneJack (review) you can deposit bitcoin and take a position whether the value of bitcoin will go up or down in a predetermined time frame. If you are right you will return 1.8 mBTC for every 1 mBTC risked.


Is bitcoin binary option trading legal? What about taxes?

We have a full page on this topic, please see Bitcoin binary option taxes and legalities.


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