Whaleclub review

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Overall 86%
Trading platform 9/10
Payout 5/10
Range of options 9/10
Transactions 8/10
Customer service 1/10
Privacy and security 9/10
Established: 2016
Located: Hong Kong
Min trade: 1 m฿
Max trade: 100 m฿
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Whaleclub is a serious trading platform for currencies, stocks, commodities and indices. The feature we are interested in is their “turbo trading” which is what they call their 1 and 5 minutes high/low binary options.

Whaleclub are simply brilliant all round. If you want to trade binary options with crypto, do it here.

Trading Platform

The binary options interface is clear, easy and reliable. There are only a few parameters you need to set for each trade and all the controls are intuitive.

Our only complaint is that when in the binary options tab you can not zoom the chart out to show the price change over a longer time frame. To see that info you have to click over to the full trading tab then click back. But we are really nitpicking there, Whaleclub’s trading platform is miles ahead of the competition.

Whaleclub has the best trading platform of all brokers.


The only thing we don’t love about trading on Whaleclub is that the payouts are quite low. They say they go up to 75% but the highest we have seen is 66%.

This is mitigated to some extent by the 30% welcome bonus but that is only on your first deposit.

Range of options

The range of option types is narrow; only 1 and 5 minute high/low options are available.

However the range of asset pairs to trade on is huge!

  • All types of crypto, government and mixed currency pairs.
  • Commodities like gold and oil.
  • Stocks like Coca Cola, Apple and Tesla.
  • Indices like the NASDAQ and the FTSE 100.

Whaleclub has the best range of options of all brokers.

User experience

Trading on Whaleclub is so much fun. There is a friendly community chat, all your trading records and account settings are easy to find and well laid out. Everything just works.


There is a 1 m฿ fee for withdrawals.

Whaleclub has the best transactions of all brokers.

Customer service

Customer service channels available:

On site ticket system.

Speed of replies: So far we have not received a reply...

Privacy and security

Whaleclub has the best privacy and security of all brokers.


Partial refund of losing trades up to 30% of your first deposit. This means if you deposit 100 m฿, then 30 m฿ will be gradually awarded to your account after losing trades. This will really help you be profitable from the beginning!


Whaleclub is simply the best crypto binary options broker there is, in every way.

They also excel with their full featured leveraged trading platform, for when you are ready to take your trading to the next level of professionalism and profitability.

Give them a try and get your 30% bonus today.

Whaleclub is the best overall broker.

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