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Updated Jul 19, 2021


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Attractive design.
  • Good privacy.


  • Small range of options.
  • No way to follow your live trades.
  • Variable customer service accuracy.
Overall score 79%
Trading platform 4/10
Payout 8/10
Range of options 4/10
Transactions 6/10
Customer service 6/10
Privacy and security 9/10
Min trade
0.1 m฿
Max trade
3000 m฿
Bitcoin BTC

OneHash is an interesting multifaceted crypto gambling site. The dice game is good (review), the sportsbook isn’t (review) and they have a basic binary options trading product for the price of major cryptos and stocks.

Trading platform

Making the trade on OneHash is easy thanks to the clear and attractive layout and options.

Tracking the trade is impossible, and that is supposed to be the fun part! Not only are there no charts, there is not even a price ticker showing if you are ahead or behind on your trade. You would have to figure out what the price source is, then open a feed for that in a new tab and compare it to the trade price back on OneHash. This is a major shortfall.

It’s also annoying that they will only display times in UTC rather than the users local time, so again you have to have another tab open showing the current time in UTC.

OneHash has the best trading platform of all brokers.


The payouts are parimutuel, meaning all trades on a market are pooled then divided amongst the winners after OneHash has taken its 5% cut.

Payouts take about 10 minutes.

OneHash has the highest payouts of all brokers.

Range of options

You can trade high/low 2 hour options on the price of bitcoin and ether 24 hours a day. Or you can trade high/low open-to-close on the price of Microsoft, Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon and Apple stocks.

OneHash has the best range of options of all brokers.

User experience

All the settings and my account functions work well and look good. It’s a bit of a pain that you have to go to a different page to see your recent trade history, it would be nicer if that was displayed on the trading page.


Unique deposit addresses: Yes.

Confirmations before trade: 2.

Withdrawal time: A few hours or more.

Player to player transfer: Not available.

OneHash has the best transactions of all brokers.

Customer service

Customer service channels available: Live chat and on site submission. The chat pops up when you open the site with a prompt asking if you need assistance.

Speed of replies: Live chat takes a few minutes to reply.

Accuracy of replies: Variable.

Real life customer service test

Question: How is the winning payout on Markets (binary options) calculated? I mean what % does OneHash take from the pool and does the payout change if you make the trade closer to the time the market closes?



It depends on the event

Are you referring in any in specific_


Notes: I then specified I meant trading on the price of crypto and stock indices (he was thinking of sports) and the operator never replied... (the answer is 5%).

OneHash has the best customer service of all brokers.

Privacy and security

Information required at signup: Email address but you can trade without even signing up.

2 factor authentication: Available.

OneHash has the best privacy and security of all brokers.


Traders in the following countries are geo-blocked by OneHash:

  • Curaçao
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • United States of America


100% first deposit bonus up to 1000 m฿ released into your account gradually depending on you trading volume.

The bonus is awarded for each bet with final multiplier higher or equal to x1.1 and the amount of the bonus is a percent of the multiplier until the value of x10: for a bet on x1.1 you get 1.1%, for a x2 you get 2%, for x3.143 you get 3.143% and for x10 and over you get 10% bonus.

We think this is too complex for a deposit bonus and is a bit off-putting when considering betting with One Hash.


OneHash is a cool site, dice and some of the other games are good fun. However their trading platform needs charts or at least a live price ticker and a wider range of options would be nice.

OneHash is the best overall broker.
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