BetBTC binary options review


    Updated Mar 27, 2019
    Overall score 79%
    Trading platform 5/10
    Payout 9/10
    Range of options 2/10
    Transactions 6/10
    Customer service 8/10
    Privacy and security 8/10
    Min trade
    1 m฿
    Max trade
    100 m฿
    Bitcoin BTC

    BetBTC has a simple and easy to use binary options feature in what is really more of a sportsbetting site (review).

    Trading Platform

    The platform is very bare bones and basic, but that also makes it easy to use and reliable. There are no charts, no indicators, no dancing monkeys. All you do is pick your option, pick your stake, make your trade, then watch.


    If the price goes your way, you win 100%. If it goes against you, you lose 100%. Here is the rub, if the price stays the same, you also lose 100%, that is how BetBTC makes its profit.
    BetBTC has the highest payouts of all brokers.

    Range of options

    There are

    • 5 minute
    • 60 minute
    • 24 hour

    high low binary options on

    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • XRP

    User experience

    There is no wow factor or fun factor. On the other hand when there are less things going on, there are less things that can break or go wrong. For example the simplicity makes navigation easy and the trading and transaction records are very clear and useful.

    Elements are not as well laid out on mobile as they are on desktop. The min trade of 1 m฿ is a bit too high.

    It’s annoying that your balance is not displayed around the site, you have to click on your user icon to see it. Even on the withdrawal screen you can’t see your withdrawable balance!


    Unique deposit addresses: Available once every 2 hours...strange.

    Confirmations before trade: 1.

    Withdrawal time: Instant.

    Player to player transfer: Not available.

    You can only withdraw full m฿ amounts, that means if your balance is 20.9 m฿, you can only withdraw 20 m฿, having to leave 0.9 m฿ (~$4 USD) in your account. This is really not okay, it’s your money, you need to be able to withdraw it.

    Customer service

    Customer service channels available: On site contact form.

    Speed of replies: Our tickets took about 15 hours to be replied to.

    Accuracy of replies: Very good, most questions seem to be replied to by senior staff.

    BetBTC has the best customer service of all brokers.

    Privacy and security

    Information required at signup: Email only.

    2 factor authentication: Not available.


    If you only want to trade high low binary options between 1 m฿ and 100 m฿ on cryptos, then BetBTC is brilliant.

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