Crypto binary option reviews

Anonymous end-to-end crypto binary option brokers offer the following advantages over government currency brokers.

  • Global and unrestricted, all brokers listed here accept traders from the United States of America
  • Free and instant deposits and withdrawals of any amount 24/7.
  • Brokers save so much in banking and compliance that they can offer higher payout %.
  • Trading anonymously makes it
    • Impossible for a broker to limit you for winning too much.
    • Impossible for a broker to sell or misuse your personal information.
    • Easier to avoid legal and tax issues.
Overall score 79%


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Attractive design.
  • Good privacy.


  • Small range of options.
  • No way to follow your live trades.
  • Variable customer service accuracy.

Not recommended brokers

We have reviewed other brokers that do not meet our standards and requirements. They may have stopped operating, they may not be end-to-end crypto or they may be very low quality or scammy.

These reviews were accurate when published however they are no longer updated. In any case, you simply don’t want to trade at these places. 

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