Coinut review

Overall 63%
Trading platform 6/10
Payout 6/10
Range of options 5/10
Transactions 5/10
Customer service 7/10
Privacy & security 9/10
Established: 2014
Located: Singapore
Minimum trade: 10 mBTC
Maximum trade: As much as other users match

Coinut has an attractive and professional website on which you can trade vanilla options and binary options on the price of bitcoin with other users.

Trading Platform

Coinut trading platform is nice to look at but it’s hard to tell how is actually works.

The platform suffers from a lack of liquidity and a confusing pricing model. At first it is hard to figure out the relationship between the different variables you can set for your options.

Coinut has the best trading platform of all brokers.


This will depend on what other traders match your option at, due to the low liquidity the payouts are generally low.

Range of Options

Coinut only offer trading on the USD/BTC currency pair.

There are 2 types of options available

  1. binary, meaning you will either win the maximum amount or lose the maximum amount.
  2. Vinila, meaning you could win or lose any amount within the range.

There are no casino like 60 second options. The shortest is 5 minutes and the longest is 2 weeks.

We like the longer options as they reward reading the market and are less luck based than shorter binary options. Although the short ones are more exciting and fun.

Coinut has the best range of options of all brokers.


Unique deposit addresses: Available.

Confirmations before trade: 3.

Withdrawal time: Around 6 hours.

Player to player transfer: Not available.

You only get 2 free withdrawals every day, after that you have to pay 1%.

Customer service

Customer service channels available: Email only.

Speed of replies: About 24 hours.

Accuracy of replies: Good, we suspect the owner/operator is replying to most of the emails.

Privacy and security

Information required at signup: Email address.

2 factor authentication: Available.

One nice feature is the real time public bitcoin audit proving Coinut hold all customers funds in reserve.

Coinut has the equal best privacy and security of all brokers.


Coinut is the most professional and serious trader-like bitcoin binary option site we have seen. If you want to avoid that casino like experience of some brokers then you might like Coinut. We their trading interface needs to be a lot easier to use and understand. For that reason the higher ranked brokers on this page are a better choice.

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  1. Anonymous 7 months ago


  2. Vlad 6 months ago

    They pay yes.
    But even if you don’t have another account. They wont give you your bonus for a refferal once they decided that it has the same ip as you. Which is Impossible because your using a pocket wifi and your the only one connecting to it.
    Try and contact them about how wrong they are about.. And they will just ignore you. On a 30 plus invite i only have 15 bonus sent to me. But the amount they gave is only 0.0082..
    When it say 0.003 per invite. Plus my 0.001 sign up bonus. So all in all they they did not give me the right bonus.

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