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BitUptick’s binary option trading guide gives you everything you need to confidently dive in and make a great start in the binary options game. It is comprehensive, practical, easy to understand and can take you from being a beginner to long term profit.

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Getting started

Binary option trading is predicting whether something will or will not happen to the price of an asset within a predefined time frame or at a predefined time. They are called binary options because there are only 2 possible results.

Where do binary options sit on the spectrum from investing to gambling? Binary options are fun and potentially profitable however they are a unique and high risk instrument.

The pros and cons of binary option trading compared to other types of investments and other types of gambling.

Binary options are a new area sitting between investing and wagering, where regulations are not always clear and new brokers appear constantly. Add to this the fact that it is possible to make of money, and the fact that all of this is happening online with crypto.

A requirement of licensed government currency binary option brokers is that they must confirm all customers identities before any withdrawals can be made. This is solved by crypto.

Serious traders

A binary options strategy or trading system consists of 2 core components.

  1. A method for selecting options; that is to call or put on what asset.
  2. A method for deciding how much to invest per trade.

Trading binary options can be a fun and enjoyable hobby for anyone who watches the markets or likes to bet. It only takes a bit of insight, preparation and discipline to win some of the money the more casual traders are losing.

There are 4 main categories of underlying assets you can trade binary options on. They are

  • Commodities
  • Currencies
  • Indices
  • Stocks

Find out if binary option trading is legal where you are, how broker licensing works and how profit should be taxed.

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